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The changing demands of customers for a more flexible, transparent and easy banking experience, has changed the landscape of most financial institutions. This has compelled Banks to evolve and develop digital banking technologies with Atwima Mponua one of the leading Rural Banks to embrace it.

Atwima Mponua Rural Bank on Friday 14th August, 2020 commissioned its ATM Services in an impressive ceremony, held at the Head Office in Toase. A first in the history of the Bank, the occasion was graced by no mean a personality than the Chief of Toase Nana Yim Awere Ababio II and the Toase traditional council. There were representatives from ARB Apex Bank, the Association of Rural Banks and other important personalities within the Rural Banking family.

                                   OPENENING ADDRESS BY BOARD CHAIRMAN.

In her welcoming address, the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors Mrs. Constance Phyllis Puttick, express her profound gratitude to Nana Toasehene and the members of the Toase traditional council for their part in making the occasion really historic. She mentioned that Atwima Mponua has been a pillar in the Rural Banking space when it comes to delivering quality but affordable products to its cherished customers. According to Mrs. Puttick, the Bank has embarked on the aggressive introduction of number of e-banking services such as:

  • Ghipss Instant Pay (GIP) – Where customers can transfer money to and from their Bank Accounts to their phones
  • Apex Instant Pay (AIP) – This product was designed to allow customers transfer money from their Bank Account to another Account with another Bank.

She also made mention of transfer services such as Western Union, UnityLink, RIA, VIGO, MOMO etc.

                                        INTRODUCTION OF ATM SERVICES.

Regarding the ATM Services, Mrs. Puttick spoke about its relevance especially during this period of COVID-19. According to her, ATM Services are expected to empower our customers to participate in the digital banking space by ensuring that they have regular access to their Bank Accounts through cash withdrawals, printing of mini statements and viewing of account balances. Customers also have the privilege of resetting their own Personal Identification Number on this machine.

The Type of Card being deployed is GH-Link and can be used on most ATMs in Ghana. She encouraged our customers subscribe for the GH-Link Card since the card can also be used to buy fuel at Goil filling stations and also purchase some domestic items at most Malls in many parts of the country.



On his part, the Chief of Toase Nana Yim Awere Ababio II expressed his delight about the introduction of the ATM Services and thanked the Board of Directors, Management and Staff for this great initiative. He advised management to ensure that the system is functioning regularly. This Nana Toasehene noted has been a challenge for some Banks offering similar services, but was confident that Atwima Mponua will not repeat the mistakes of those financial institutions.