Transfer funds electronically across Ghana

E-zwich is the brand name for the common platform, the National Switch, that links the payment systems of all licensed banks and non-bank financial institutions e.g. savings and loans companies, credit unions, money transfer institutions, and rural banks in Ghana.

The e-zwich smartcard is a new and very secure way of paying for goods and services throughout the country based on biometric (fingerprint) identification. E-zwich allows smartcard holders and merchants to load and spend funds as well as settle various transactions.

The card can be used to perform various banking and retail functions. These include cash withdrawals, payments for goods and services, money transfers, receiving salary and wage payment, and making bill payments from any e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) or ATM across the country.

The card can also be used to pay Utility and other bills. This can be done through the POS or ATM or registered merchants. A few institutions like the electricity and water companies will be automatically set up on the system for your convenience but you can also designate specific third- party payees if you have their relevant bank details to receive your payment. Because e-zwich links the payments platforms of all licensed banks, non-bank financial institutions and rural banks, your e-zwich smartcard can be used in other bank’s ATMs and POS.